Announcing DEWT3

The 3rd DEWT peer conference will take place on April 19-21st at Hotel Bergse Bossen Driebergen, the Netherlands. DEWT is a conference that falls into the series of peer conferences on testing like LAWST, LEWT, SWET and GATE.

The main theme will be

Systems Thinking

The twitter hashtag for this peer conference is #DEWT3.

Joris Meerts maintains a list of books related to the theme.

This conference is for DEWTs and invitees only. 21 people will participate in DEWT3.

James Bach (USA), Bernd Beersma, Philip-Jan Bosch, Peter Duelen (Belgium), Pascal Dufour, Markus Gaertner (Germany), Derk-Jan de Grood, Stephen Hill (UK), Jurian van de Laar, Rik Marselis, Joep Schuurkes, Angela van Son.

Adrian Canlon, Ruud Cox, Zeger van Hese (Belgium), Jeanne Hofmans, Philip Hoeben, Joris Meerts, Ray Oei, Huib Schoots, Jean-Paul Varwijk.

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3 Responses to Announcing DEWT3

  1. Michel Kraaij says:

    Very interesting topic, Great work!

  2. I hate conflicts in my agenda. Should have been on this list, but have to be somewhere else. Enjoy

  3. Bryan Bakker says:

    Loved to be there, but unfortunately I have other obligations. Make it a great conference and have fun!

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