DEWT3 has begun…

In the bar…

DEWT3 -Grand bar of 'Bergse Bossen' Driebergen

DEWT3 -Grand bar of ‘Bergse Bossen’ Driebergen

Testing begins...

Testing begins…

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One Response to DEWT3 has begun…

  1. Michael Phillips says:

    To all who attended DEWT3; I had a great weekend, thanks! What a lot of really top class people we have in our field of work! There are two books I’d like to recommend to all of you;

    Both are relevant to systems thinking and testing, discussing emergent behaviour and complexity, and reading them led me to the insight that while we can ‘check’ the behaviour of individual actors in a complex system, real testing involves investigating, experimenting and evaluating to gain limited but extremely valuable insights into the behaviour of the wider system. While checking can be limited by constraints such as time and resources, experimenting and investigating should never end.

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