DEWT3 Experience Reports

DEWT3 Participants

Standing from left to right: Jurian van de Laar, Stephen Hill, Huib Schoots, Joep Schuurkes, Joris Meerts, Rik Marselis, Pascal Dufour, Ruud Cox, Bernd Beersma, Markus Gaertner, Philip Hoeben, Philip-Jan Bosch, Derk-Jan de Grood, Adrian Canlon, Ard Kramer, Peter Duelen, Jean-Paul Varwijk, Zeger van Hese, Angela van Son, James Bach, Ray Oei. Sitting: Michael Philips

Below is a number of experience reports written by attendees. If you want to get an in depth view on what happened during this peer conference, then I recommend to read them all.

Dutch Exploratory Workshop in Testing (DEWT) 3 and General Systems Thinking at the third Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing by Stephen Hill

DEWT3 Sketchnotes by Ruud Cox

DEWT3 Sketchnotes by Huib Schoots

DEWT3 experience report by Joep Schuurkens

In addition, Joris Meerts created an interesting list of Systems Thinking books.

On behalf of all the DEWT’s I’d like to thank the AST for the grant which helped in making this conference a success.

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