An Experience Report Guideline

As a result of DEWT6 and other musings, Ruud Cox and I thought it was time to be more specific about what it means to do an experience report. The Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing (DEWT) believes the experience report is an important vehicle for learning about software testing. This is why the DEWT peer conferences are centered around them.

Ruud and I wrote a guideline because we think that a good experience report enables software testers to make better decisions about practices and practitioners. Over the years we saw quite a number of experience reports and though many of those talks and the following discussions provided the audience with great insights, we feel that by being more specific about what is expected from an experience report, an even better learning experience can be created.

The guideline can be downloaded (as PDF document) by clicking on the following link: An Experience Report Guideline.

We would like to thank Jean-Paul Varwijk, Joep Schuurkes and James Bach for reviewing the guideline.

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1 Response to An Experience Report Guideline

  1. Anurag says:

    Hi Joris,

    Do you have any sample experience report. I liked this idea. I also capture such things but I call it as “Lesson learned” . This I create for myself rather than for any project Manager. This helps me look in to what all things I have leaned, What could have been improved and if there are any improvement required in the way I am working.


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