DEWT 9 announcement

We are happy to announce DEWT9, the ninth edition of our annual peer conference. The conference will be held from Friday January 31 until Sunday February 2020 at Hotel Bergse Bossen in Driebergen, the Netherlands.

The conference starts on Friday evening at six o’clock with dinner, fun, games & conversations. On Saturday morning, around nine o’clock, the official part of the conference starts. On Sunday we will wrap up at about three o’clock in the afternoon.

The peer conferences of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing are based on the experiences of the participants. Therefore each participant is asked to prepare an experience report on the conference theme. DEWT peer conferences are invitation only.

The theme of DEWT9 is

Testability; A quality aspect which is underestimated!?

How many times were we at the right spot and the right moment to discuss testability? For DEWT9 we are looking for experience reports about the topic of testability. And of course, we are looking at testability from all kind of different angles, for example:

  • The human side: how do you get attention for testability in your team or how to convince your product owner?
  • The technical side: what do you need to get testing going in terms of infrastructure, tools, data, architectural choices or how to avoid code complexity?
  • The business side: how do you interact with the business about a testable MVPs or a discussion about testability which can be about making a choice between value and risk reduction?

Can you send us a short experience report? A report that covers one or more aspects of testability. We are looking forward to receiving your proposal before 1 November 2019 so we can make the preparation to get an awesome DEWT9. We would like to receive your experience report on the following email address:

The DEWT peer conferences follow these rules:

  • The focus of your experience report should be an actual experience.
  • All presentations are 15/20 minutes followed by open season; a facilitated discussion. See the blog post “A Guide to Peer Conference Facilitation” by Paul Holland to learn more about facilitation.
  • Anything shared during the peer conference can be made public with proper attribution. So be careful not to share any proprietary or confidential material.
  • Not everyone will get the opportunity to present. The reason for this is that the focus of a peer conference is on the facilitated group discussion after each experience report.

Simon ‘Peter’ Schrijver – Conference chair
Ard Kramer – Content owner

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