Software Quality Characteristics
– Software Quality Characteristics by The Test Eye
Software Kwaliteit Kenmerken a translation into Dutch by DEWT

Resources Context Driven Testing
Context Driven Testing
Association for Software Testing
What is context-driven testing? by Cem Kaner
The Dual Nature of Context-Driven Testing by James Bach
Testing vs Checking by Michael Bolton
What being a context-driven tester means to me by Scott Barber
– The “Jedi Knights” of Context-Driven Software Testing by Mike Brown
CAST 2011 keynote by Michael Bolton

The Essence of Heuristics by James Bach
Heuristic Test Strategy Model by James Bach
Testing Mnemonics Listing by Lynn McKee

Exploratory Testing
Exploratory Testing Explained by James Bach
Session Based Test Management by Jonathon Bach
Exploratory testing dynamicsby Michael Bolton, Jon Bach and James Bach
Resources on Exploratory Testing, Metrics and Other Stuff by Michael Bolton
Testing, Checking, and Convincing the Boss to by Michael Bolton

History of testing
History of testing by Joris Meerts
The Ongoing Revolution in Software Testing by Cem Kaner
Four Schools of Software Testing by Bret Pettichord
Schools of Software Testing by Cem Kaner

BBST course
Rapid Software Testing course by Michael Bolton
Rapid Software Testing course by James Bach

Alternative Paths for Self Education in Software Testing by Markus Gärtner
How to become a software testing expert? by Huib Schoots

CDT Conferenties
Let’s Test (Sweden)

James Bach
Michael Bolton
Cem Kaner
Anne-Marie Charrett
Ben Simo
Lanette Creamer
Lynn McKee
Markus Gärtner
Matt Heusser
Parimala Shankaraiah
Pradeep Soundararajan
Rob Lambert
Shmuel Gershon
Simon Morley
The Test Eye
Marlena Compton
Workroom Productions

Or have a look at

– Lessons Learned in Software Testing – Caner, Bach, Pettichord
– Perfect Software and other illusions about testing – Jerry Weinberg
Essential Test Design by Tobbe Ryber (free ebook!)
– A practial guide to software test design – Lee Copeland
The Little Black Book on Test Design by Rikard Edgren (free ebook!)
– Testing Computer Software – Caner, Falk, Nguyen
– An Introduction to General Systems Thinking – Jerry Weinberg
– Thinking in Systems: A Primer – Donella H Meadows

– James Bach – Context-Driven Testing BSTC Meetup
– James Bach – Becoming a Software Testing Expert
– James Bach – Open lecture on Software Testing
– Russell Ackoff – Systems thinking made clear