Who are the DEWTs?

Maaike Brinkhof

Ruud Cox
PasfotoRuud Cox is a test consultant with extensive experience in the embedded systems industry. In the first part of his professional career he worked, with much enthusiasm, as a software developer. In 2001 he discovered his real passion; software testing. He considers himself a context-driven tester who considers the testing profession a tour in which relevant subjects must be studied and practiced in order to become a better tester. He worked for companies in various domains such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, lighting and healthcare. He currently works for Improve Quality Services, a provider of consultancy and training in the field of testing. To share his ideas, knowledge and experiences, he publishes on his blog and tweets as @ruudcox.

Zeger van Hese
Zeger Van Hese, the most Belgian of all DEWTs, has a background in economics (commercial engineering) and cultural science. He started his professional career in the motion picture industry, but switched to IT in 1999. A year later he got bitten by the software testing bug and hasn’t been cured since. He has a passion for exploraty testing, testing in agile environments and, most of all, learning from different perspectives. Zeger considers himself a context-driven tester and tends to look both ways when crossing a one-way street. He is interested in parallels with other disciplines and writes about that on his “Test Side Story” blog. He worked for CTG Belgium for a long time but early 2013 he needed a new challenge and started his own company, Z-sharp, helping clients on the path to smarter testing. He is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide, and in 2012 was the program chair of the 20th edition of Eurostar in Amsterdam. Twitter: @testsidestory

Philip Hoeben
philipPhilip Hoeben started working as a software tester in 2007. He started at GE Healthcare IT and was employed as a test consultant for AAA -ICT detachering. Currently he is working as test lead for The Bean Machine. After completion of the study “Medisch Beeldvormende en Radiotherapeutische Technieken” and several years studying philosophy he worked as a radiology technician for about 6 years . His first experience in software testing started in a hospital, during the development and execution of user acceptance tests . He currently plays the role as a test (lead ) consultant and scrum master. Philip is a member of the Testnet workgroup Training & Coaching. Philip is actively working to promote context driven testing , through presentations and training , to companies to which he is employed. He also gives scrum workshops. He is very interested in hermeneutics , which is useful for testers as interpretation and communication are core tasks for testers. Occasionally he works on his blog. Twitter: @philip Hoeben

Ard Kramer

Joris Meerts
Joris MeertsJoris Meerts started testing software in 2007 and currently is a test consultant working for Improve Quality Services in the Netherlands. As a passionate software tester he likes to explore the boundaries of the craft, looking for ways to do testing better. Joris is the author of the History of Software Testing, which can be found on his website Testing References ( He likes to present and publish on the topics of testing history, software testing skills, systems theory and the use of investigation in testing. He keeps an extensive library of testing related articles online and has a small library at home. He tweets as @testingref.

Huib Schoots
huibHuib Schoots is a tester, consultant and people lover. He shares his passion for testing through coaching, training, and giving presentations on a variety of test subjects. With fifteen years of experience in IT and software testing, Huib is experienced in different testing roles. Curious and passionate, he is an agile and context-driven tester who attempts to read everything ever published on software testing. A member of TestNet, AST and ISST, black-belt in the Miagi-Do School of software testing and co-author of a book about the future of software testing. Huib maintains a blog on and tweets as @huibschoots. He works for Improve Quality Services, a provider of consultancy and training in the field of testing.

peterPeter Schrijver
Simon ‘Peter’ Schrijver is a professional tester since 1997. In 2005, he started his own company. He delivers his services as a test expert. Over the years he has built up an extensive knowledge as a test engineer and test manager. As a manager of several test projects he has learned to implement different test methods in a practical way. Follow him on twitter @simonsaysnomore or read his blog.

JoepJoep Schuurkes
Armed with a degree in Philosophy Joep entered the testing profession in 2006. About two years later he discovered context-driven testing and knew he was where he needed to be. The first six years of his career he spent at a contracting firm called Qquest, where he tested in telecom and insurances. He also taught general and chain testing courses – enjoying that a great deal. In 2013 Joep began working for Rabobank International, where he participated in lateral and interdisciplinary working groups. Later that same year he was invited to join the DEWTs, an invitation he was honoured to accept. In January 2015 Joep began a new and interesting challenge as a QA Engineer at Mendix. Joep has a blog ( and can be found on twitter as @j19sch.

jeanpaulJean-Paul Varwijk
Jean-Paul Varwijk is a senior test analyst at Rabobank International and owner of Arborosa Software Consultancy. Jean-Paul began testing on the user side as an acceptance tester. He liked doing this so much that when the opportunity arose, he changed his profession to being a full time software tester. Since then he has had different roles ranging from test analyst to test manager. In this capacity he has tested a variety of applications such as web shops, data ware houses, credit risk models, internet banking and mobile banking. Outside his worklife he participates in TestNet activities and is a member of several TestNet working groups for “Agile Testing” and “Data Warehouse testing”. He follows other testers on their blogs and on Twitter. He himself regularly gives workshops and speaks at conferences. Jean-Paul sees himself as an agile and context-driven tester. Follow him on Twitter (@arborosa) or read his blog.

Elizabeth Zagroba


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