Workshop on Coaching

Wednesday, March 7th, our DEWT meetup is about coaching. This evening we enthusiastically welcome our trainer Angela van Son. We are passionate about testing, she is passionate about  coaching and communication, either verbal or in writing. I really think we can learn a lot from her even though the official program only takes 2 hours. Together we created the folllowing program:

Approach: do a little theory, then some work in subgroups.

18.00 – 20.00h Entry and pizza
20.00h – 20.15h Testers and coaching
Discussion: What is coaching, what it isn’t and what do you want to achieve?
20.15 – 20.35h The art of asking questions
Short, confrontational exercise in the setting of closed and open questions.
20.35 – 21.00h Forbidden to give advise
Exercise: who manages to put his knowledge to omit and still thriving conversation?
21.00 – 21.30h The layers when things go wrong
Troubleshooting in your communication: the UI  model (Dutch). How do you keep asking questions on an unwilling partner? In groups, translate the model  to your own context.
21.30 – 22.00h Practice
Coach each other, with all the tools discussed this evening. Subject is cases from your own work.

I will write a new post with an impression of the evening.

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2 Responses to Workshop on Coaching

  1. Derk-Jan says:

    Sounds like a interesting session to me. Personaly the forbidden to give advise part sounds difficult to me. Could be professional deformation of a consultant, could be more personal. Anyway I wish you all a good evening.

  2. Hi Derk-Jan,

    Holding back advice is indeed more difficult for consultants, in general. Feel free to practice even before the session 😉

    Looking forward to seeing you all,

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