DEWT6 announced: Communicating testing during software development

From Friday 22 January till Sunday 24 January 2016 the sixth annual peer conference of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing will take place at Hotel Bergse Bossen in Driebergen, the Netherlands. The conference is organized by Joris Meerts as conference chair, Jean-Paul Varwijk as content owner and Ruud Cox and Zeger van Hese as facilitators. The twitter hashtag for this peer conference will be #DEWT6.

The theme of DEWT6 is ‘Communicating testing during software development’. Jean-Paul Varwijk illustrates the theme as follows.

One of the goals of software testing, particularly context-driven software testing, is to supply our stakeholders with information. Often we mention how the type and quality of the information we provide extends beyond the presentation of mere metrics such as pass/fail rates. We believe that this information should enable our stakeholders to make informed and meaningful decisions on whether or not the developed software suits their needs and wants, and lives up to the relevant (quality) standards and expectations.

Much of this information, or at least what is communicated about this information, is directed towards the final stages of development but most exchanges of information happen during development itself. During DEWT6 we would like you to share with us your experiences in communicating about software testing while it is being developed. With whom did you share your test ideas and test results? How did you share it? How was your feedback received? Did it turn out the way you expected? Was it useful?

The peer conferences of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing are based on the experience reports of the participants. Therefore each participant is asked to prepare an experience report on the conference theme. Participation in this conference is by invitation only.

The DEWT peer conferences are modeled after the Los Altos Workshop on Software Testing (LAWST) and the Software Test Managers Roundtable (STMR). More information about this type of conference can also be found in Paul Holland’s Guide to Peer Conference Facilitation.

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