DEWT5 Report

The 5th DEWT peer conference took place January 16-18th at Hotel Bergse Bossen Driebergen, the Netherlands. The central theme was “Test Strategy“.

DEWT5 was attended by Ben Peachey, Daniel Wiersma, Eddy Bruin, Huib Schoots, Ilari Henrik Aegerter, Jackie Frank, Jeanne Hofmans, Jean-Paul Varwijk, Jeroen Mengerink, Joep Schuurkes, Joris Meerts, Maaike Brinkhof, Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Marjana Shammi, Massimo D’Antonio, Pascal Dufour, Peter “Simon” Schrijver, Philip Hoeben, Ray Oei, Richard Bradshaw, Ruud Cox, Ruud Teunissen, Simon Knight and Zeger van Hese.
Helena Jeret-Mäe unfortunately couldn’t make it.

Below is the schedule of the conference, managed in Trello.

DEWT5 Schedule


Maaret Pyhäjärvi wrote some blog posts upfront:

Simon Knight refered to the following articles in The Testing Planet:

The collection of index cards on the DEWT5 Learning Wall.

Collected ‘#DEWT and #DEWT5’ tweets by Richard Bradshaw

DEWT5 Sketchnotes by Zeger van Hese

Not a Conference on Test Strategy by Joris Meerts

(In Response to DEWT5) – What Has a Test Strategy Ever Done for Us? A response to Joris’ post by Colin Cherry

On behalf of all the DEWT’s I’d like to thank the AST for the grant which contributed to the success of this conference.

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