DEWT 7 announced

We are happy to announce DEWT7, our seventh annual peer conference. The conference will be held from Friday January 27 until Sunday January 29 2017 at Hotel Bergse Bossen in Driebergen, the Netherlands. The conference starts on Friday evening at 6 pm  with dinner, fun, games & conversations. On Saturday morning, 9 am, the official part of the conference starts. On Sunday we will wrap up at about 3 pm in the afternoon.

The peer conferences of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing are based on the experiences of the participants. Therefore each participant is asked to prepare an experience report on the conference theme. DEWT peer conferences are invitation only.

The theme of DEWT7 is Lessons learned in software testing.

As we grow older, we build up experience. We might even learn a thing or two. Apply it with great success later. Forget it, repeat the old mistake, learn the same lesson again. Find ourselves in a similar situation, apply the lesson learned and deepen our understanding.

These are the kind of stories we would like to hear from you in your experience reports: how you learned one of your great lessons in software testing. One of those lessons that demarcate a period of “before” and “after” – although in some cases the before and after will be difficult to pinpoint to a specific second or day.

And we also want to hear what happened with you and with that lesson afterwards. Do you still apply it? Did you apply it once well-intended, but with horrendous result? Did it grow obsolete? Do you apply it all the time, or only in specific circumstances?

So in total that makes two stories: one of a lesson and one applying that lesson later. Two stories, one experience report, sharing something about what makes you the tester you are.

Our peer conferences follow these rules:

  • The main focus of your experience report should be an actual experience.
  • All presentations are 15/20 minutes followed by “open season” a facilitated discussion. See the blog post “A Guide to Peer Conference Facilitation” by Paul Holland to learn more about facilitation.
  • Anything shared during the peer conference can be made public with proper attribution. So be careful not to share any proprietary or confidential material.
  • Not everyone will get the opportunity to present. The reason for this is that the focus of a peer conference is on the facilitated group discussion after each experience report.

Philip Hoeben (conference chair) & Joep Schuurkes (content owner)

This peer conference is made possible by the Grant we received from AST.


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